Primary Contacts
Head Office : Mumbai
Name Nandu Chavan
Mobile +91-98920 42704
+91-9029 421354
Regional Office : Delhi
Name Manish Gupta
Mobile +91-98102 15848
Regional Office : Goa
Name Prasad Joshi
Mobile +91-94220 63542
+91-99239 03788

We are glad to introduce “Evolve Consultants Pvt. Ltd.”, an institute for conducting Experience based learning.  With the help of Outbound Adventures.  Evolve Consultants Pvt. Ltd., is being run by a team of experienced Human Resources Development Professionals, counselors and outdoor adventure experts in India.
Evolve Consultants Pvt. Ltd.” has its site locations around Mumbai and all over India. Experiential learning combines interactive business simulations and games and is a very powerful medium for developing new skills and improve upon the existing ones.  The training and development is done is an entire “Evolve Consultants Pvt. Ltd.” environment based an experience gained through simulations, management games and outdoor adventure activities.
With “Evolve Consultants Pvt. Ltd.” you can be assured of powerful learning process that will provide the group an opportunity to learn and practice existing and new skills. “Evolve Consultants Pvt. Ltd.” will also provide and develop new ways of goal setting, trust building and other core competencies like communication and team building to gain optimal output from individuals at the work place.
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